Geneplus Easy Breed (Last Mile Service)

Last-Mile Services (Geneplus Easy Breed)

At the heart of every thriving livestock enterprise is the promise of exceptional genetics and optimal animal health. Geneplus Easy Breed® is breeding a package tailored to unlock this potential by offering you a selection of superior breeding options, and Artificial insemination(AI) delivery services at no extra cost.

Geneplus Easy Breed® makes accessing superior breeding options easier than ever. This innovative Last-Mile Service provides:

  • Selection of Superior Breeding Options: Choose from high-quality semen to improve your herd’s genetics.
  • Affordable Artificial Insemination (AI) Delivery: Reduce breeding costs by 40% compared to traditional methods.
  • Increased Productivity: Experience a potential 200% increase in milk production with improved genetics.
  • Easy Access: Our user-friendly service is available through a convenient USSD platform.

Meet Caroline, a Dairy Farmer and Beneficiary of GenePlus Easy Breed last-mile Services in Nakuru

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