Geneplus Global Products & Services

Animal Genetics in Kenya - Geneplus Global LTD

Animal Breeding / Genetics

In partnership with ABS, we offer high-end dairy and beef genetics. ABS Global division of Genus PLC is a world leader in bovine genetics and artificial breeding technology.

Liquid Nitrogen Supply in Kenya - Geneplus Global Limited

Cold Chain - Liquified Nitrogen

We have an established distribution network across East Africa. We also provide infrastructure and equipment support system.

Udder Care in Kenya - Geneplus Global Limited

Udder Care

A healthy udder is key to a successful dairy enterprise. Valiant range of products address all udder health-related challenges.

Crop Science in Kenya - Geneplus Global Limited

Crop Science

We have partnered with Stoller USA, who are pioneers in plant physiology research and in the understanding of plants’ needs for nutritional and hormonal balance. Our unique products assist crops to reach their fullest genetic potential to achieve higher yields.