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GenePlus is at the forefront of modern and advanced agricultural technologies that enhance on-farm best practices and support sustainable agricultural production. Overtime GenePlus has cultivated refined vast experience in the provision of lasting solutions that serve small, medium and large scale farming enterprises in East Africa. We provide our clients with superior technologies in the form of Aides, Extension, and Inputs.
We lead the way in Dairy & Beef Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Udder Care, Farm Hygiene & Biosecurity, and Animal Identification & Traceability


ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. We offer excellent genetics that drive profitability.

Liquid Nitrogen – Cold chain

We offer Liquid nitrogen as a compact and readily transported gas  which can be stored and transported in specialized vacuum flasks.  

Valiant Range of Udder Care products 

Valiant is a ready-to-use udder care product designed for pre and post-milking. 

Valiant Barrier and Valiant Versatile are premium udder care products which contain a unique and highly effective combination of anti-bacterial agents, providing up to nine hours of protection for your cows. Both are designed to be used after milking.



Offering excellent genetics that drive profitability. ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941.


Animal Nutrition


Welmin’s livestock mineral supplements command the highest respect from even the most discerning farmer user.


Liquid Nitrogen

Compressed Gas

Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic, almost totally inert gas comprising approximately 79% by volume of air.


Udder Care

Valiant Everyday

Valiant Everyday is a ready-to-use udder care product designed for post-milking, but also suitable for pre-milking use.

Valiant Everyday

Nutrition Solutions

Our Core Values

Our passion to enable farmers prosper drives our values. We strive to look for innovative products and services, we go an extra mile to ensure accessibility for customers at a fair value.

Our Customers Say

“ABS” Genetics has helped this farm to increase milk production from 10 litres to 25litres per cow per day. The farm enjoys current first calvers producing 27 liters of milk per cow per day. Thanks, you ABS for your consistency in paving the way for us at Ilula Farm”.

Mr. John Magut • Manager Ilula Farm

“Our partnership with ABS has been for many years, through this collaboration, we were able to be send to America for an exposure visit to Wisconsin-ABS Headquarters. Through these cross-learning, we have adopted best practices that have seen the growth of our farm, we currently milk 60-70 animals with an average production of 26 litres per cow per day”

Mr. Stephen Maraba • Director Kerita Farm

“High fertility, perfect daughters have driven demand for ABS genetics and this alone has given me an edge in the market”.

Dennis Njue • AI Service Provider

Our Trusted Partners

Geneplus cultivates appropriate partnerships both in the development spheres and private sectors by facilitating and providing commercial solutions that are both economically viable and sustainable to all farming communities.

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